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Come relax... at Mia's Therapeutic Massage.

Big changes are coming this spring! After careful thought, we have decided to change our business model in Spring 2024. It’s been a pleasure serving Pasco since 1988. We have had generations of families enter our building and trust us with their massage and skin care needs. It’s been an honor and your business has been appreciated, beyond measure.

You will still be able to schedule with some of your favorite staff members, including Mia and Anne. However, you will now schedule and pay each person individually. We will become Mia’s Spa Suites. It will be a slow process and we hope to see you all every step of the way!

Thank you, big hugs and don’t forget: Caring Makes A Difference!

Mia and Anne

At Mia's we welcome you to indulge yourself in the ultimate pampering.  Come relax with our skilled therapists while they massage, cleanse and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Let your body be free through the art of massage, therapeutic baths and other refreshing spa treatments.  Our therapists will take you on a trip where your senses are the stars of the show.

Enjoy our full suite of massage therapies, skin care, aromatherapy and body treatments in a serene setting prepared with you in mind.  Our soothing atmosphere will help you to almost forget about the worries of the world outside our walls.

We want you to know that it's all about you.  From the moment where you are warmly greeted to the time when we wish you goodbye, our commitment is to your total satisfaction.  We want you to not only enjoy the time you spend with us but also the hours of relaxation you'll enjoy after you leave.

Here at Mia's we've been massaging, rejuvenating and pampering since 1988 so we know a thing or two about making you feel relaxed. Because Mia's is where caring makes a difference.

Give our offices a call today to schedule the most relaxing day of your life.