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About Mia's

Mia's Therapeutic Massage has been in operation since 1988.  Our mission has always been to maintain a professional, caring environment for our clients.

Mia's principal therapists, Mia Rauh and Anne Rauh-Slort, as well as our network of experienced therapists, have extensive training in the latest massage techniques and modalities.  Our therapists spend a great deal of time with each client on every visit; not only in treatment but in educating our clients about the structure and function of their body and how to maintain stress reduction, muscle conditioning and pain relief.

Therapies are available in the office.  Chair massages are available at the work place.

Our services are available Monday through Saturday.
    Mondays, 10:30a to 3p
    Tuesdays, 9a to 6p
    Wednesdays, 9a to 6p
    Thursdays, 10a to 6p
    Fridays, 9a to 6p
    Saturdays, 9a to 3p

Our office hours may vary based on the season or our appointments.  With advanced planning we can accommodate special appointment requests.

We do not accept walk-in appointments.  We work by appointment only.  Please plan to arrive on time for your appointment.  When you arrive, please quietly have a seat.  Your therapist will be with you at your scheduled appointment time.