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Our Staff

Our therapists spend a great deal of time with each client on every visit.  Not only do they perform the treatment, but they help educate each client about the structure and function of their body and how to maintain stress reduction, muscle conditioning and pain relief.

Come relax and let the professionals at Mia's take your body on a journey of relaxation.  Because at Mia's, caring makes a difference.

Establishment license # MM6556
Cosmetology Salon license # CE0075400

Therapist License Type License #
Mia Rauh Massage Therapist MA7825
Anne Rauh-Slort Massage Therapist MA11460
Anne Rauh-Slort Facial Specialist FB0716485
Donna Morhmann Massage Therapist MA25115
Annmarie Spiewak Massage Therapist MA41095
Ashley Krupinski Facial Specialist FB9728308
Tina Leiser Facial Specialist FB9749891
Frank Picone Massage Therapist MA68547
Georgia McLaughlin Massage Therapist MA533325
Georgia McLaughlin Facial Specialist FB9730508
"DJ" Donna Joyce Foxwell Massage Therapist MA67198

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